ROSA – Reutlingen for Organization, Solidarity and Action

What is ROSA all about?

ROSA wants to be an open get-together for everybody living in and around Reutlingen.
Everybody who wants to connect with others in order to become politically involved, is in the right spot here.
It doesn´t matter what your age or your gender is, nor how you look and dress.
The only requirement to be welcome at ROSA is that you do not support or represent inhumane viewpoints
(e.g. racism, sexism, nationalism, antisemitism), and are not connected to any organization which does.
Regarding the current circumstances on our planet, and particularly in Germany,
we see the need for a space which provides hospitality to all those, who look for an opportunity
to organize activities against all forms of hostility against minorities and/or other inhumane behavior.
ROSA wants to be the place where everybody is invited to get involved, and will be listened to.
Thus the input of all participants will be welcome: No matter if you want to share experience, organize workshops
or demonstrations, or come up with some new suggestions altogether.

What do we mean by current circumstances?
Right-wing opinions are notably gaining popularity in Germany and other countries.
Different minorities experience segregation, they are threatened and sometimes even persecuted.
Racist movements like Pegida and political parties like AfD are examples for hatred against refugees.
Even fundamental religious coalitions like “Demo für alle” (Demonstrations for everybody) in Stuttgart and Wiesbaden
are coming out against gender equality and homosexuality.

We belive that a free, pleasant and relaxed life for EVERYBODY can be achieved,
when we start to organize ourselves and unite against group-focused hostility,
even though we might not be affected by it personally.
ROSA wants to provide an opportunity for just that.

If you´d like to get involved, and to find out about ROSA, come join our open get-together
every 1st Thursday of the month, location “Jugendtreff” of the “Haus der Jugend”, Reutlingen.